Negative or reduced axial forces
Can columns be attached to shear walls?
Can transverse sections of a column overlap other columns?
Change the stirrup diameter depending on the longitudinal reinforcement
What percentage should be introduced to obtain symmetrical reinforcement in all 4 sides in the symmetry criteria dialogue box?
Are splice lengths included in the bar lengths?
Why is the fixity coefficient at the top of the column considered to be less than that at other floors?
Fixity coefficient for steel columns
Punching shear reinforcement when using steel columns
Unattached column at a floor with different reinforcement at each span
More reinforcement is provided in the direction perpendicular to where the main moment appears
Occasionally, there are greater axial forces in higher spans than in lower spans
Concrete beams
Skin reinforcement
Define double stirrups
Description of contributing assembly reinforcement options
Is the assembly reinforcement, the top reinforcement or bottom reinforcement?
The program places 4 assembly reinforcement bars for widths greater than 45 cm
There is very little spacing between the stirrups
The reinforcement is inexplicably divided
Live load coefficients for deflections
Strange force envelopes appear
Find a beam by its reference number
Greater reinforcement and deflection in the slabs and beams of the last floor group (with the same applied loading)
The beam cannot be extended
Overlap with existing beam
After changing the beam references, the drawings are not updated
Torsion problems with overhanging (cantilever) slab
How to know the bearing pressure transmitted by a foundation beam to the soil when this bearing pressure is less than the allowable
Beam spans (Real dimension – Drawing dimension) in floor drawings
The letter P appears in the reinforcement text
Some secondary beams do not appear in the beams drawing
Unexpected short reinforcement bars in the column schedule drawing
Column schedule: there are some columns which have some of their reinforcement labelled
Not all the frames are drawn in the beam drawing
Incorrect diameter in the CAD drawing
Drawing texts are not drawn when printing via plotter or printer with horizontal (or vertical) page configuration
DXF Templates
Snapping to arcs to introduce beams
Modify the font
After importing, a tiny drawing appears at the edge of the screen and the zoom orders are very slow
Small displacements when the DXF is imported
Different environments in a structure
Divide reinforcement at a column or intermediate beam
Indentify the frame by its reference number
How to change the reference number of the frames
Warning upon joining pad footings with strap or tie beams between columns with foundations at different elevations
Balancing moment of a wall footing with respect to another perpendicular to it
General queries
How to pass the reinforcement tables, section library, design options, combinations, drawing configuration, formats and peripherals from one computer to another
Files and directories
Safety copy
Save all the results
Hollow core slabs
How to copy the data from a hollow core slab manufacturer with the included floor slab types from one computer to another
Import of IFC files generated by CAD/BIM programs
What do the colours represent of the different elements that appear in the 3D views of some sections of the Automatic Introduction IFC assistant?
Joist floor slabs
Provide continuity between slabs consisting of single joist floor slabs and others of double joist floor slabs
Is the displayed top reinforcement of a double joist that to be assigned to each one?
Blue lines on joists
Four top reinforcement bars appear per joist
Why does the moment that appears on the joists coincide with that which appears in the envelopes?
A large moment appears when there is a partition load applied parallel to a joist.
Place two equal length top reinforcement bars.
Mat foundations
Pressures greater than the allowable bearing pressure
Design a mat foundation independently (without the upper part of the structure)
The amount of base reinforcement varies depending on the depth and material
Piles and Pile caps
Pile loads
Reinforced concrete walls
How to introduce a wall correctly starting from an existing beam contained within the slab, because the program emits a warning indicating it overlaps the beam in the group below.
How to define different soil elevations (lateral pressures) for the same wall
Where should columns start?
There is a column close to the wall. The column does not overlap with the wall but it does bear on its footing. Does the program take into account the load of the column on the footing?
Are drop panels placed around walls when using a waffle slab?
The program won’t analyse the job when the wall bears on a mat foundation (even though it has been introduced without external fixity)
The foundation beam within the mat foundation on which the wall rests displays the error ‘Oblique compression: torsion
Only half the minimum geometric horizontal steel areas stated in the code are laid
Reinforcement tables
Delete a few diameters
Delete tables added by users
Reinforcement table files
Seismic load
Does the modal spectral analysis carried out by CYPECAD consider a minimum accidental eccentricity?
Design recommendations
Excessive amount of reinforcement
Can waffle or flat slabs be use when large seismic forces are present?
How do you obtain the deflection between two points of a waffle slab or flat slab?
Pass-through point
Slab overhang
Establishing continuity
Can it be deactivated?
Steel beams
They fail inexplicably
Waffle slabs
Base reinforcement considered in drop panels
Excessive longitudinal reinforcement
When to consider openings in the analysis
Is the self weight only the weight of the lightweight area?
Reduce reinforcement
Measuring the base reinforcement
Punching shear reinforcement
Is the base reinforcement taken into account in the analysis?
Excessive reinforcement anchorage lengths
Walls and shear walls
What are the differences between walls and shear walls in CYPECAD?

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