Hollow core slabs. How to copy the data from a hollow core slab manufacturer with the included floor slab types from one computer to another

First of all, the concrete code that was selected when the manufacturer was created has to be taken into account. A series of files have to be copied; their extension depends on the concrete code used:

EH-91 (Spain): .n01

REBAP (Portugal): .n02

CIRSOC 201-1982 (Argentina): .n03

Dec. Min. 14 Feb 1982 (Italy): .n04

NB-1 (Brazil): .n05

ACI-318-95 (USA): .n06

ACI-318-95 (Chile): .n07

NTCRC (Mexico): .n08

EHE-98 (Spain): .n09

NBR 6118:2003 (Brazil): .n10

Eurocode 2 (Portugal): .n11

Eurocode 2: .n12

BAEL-91 (R-99) France: .n13

EHE-98-CTE (Spain): .n14

Eurocode 2 (Bulgaria): .n15

CIRSOC 201-2005 (Argentina): .n16

ACI-318M-08 (International): .n17

Eurocode 2 (Rumania): .n19

EHE-08 (Spain): .n20

ACI-318-08 (USA): .n21

Eurocode 2 (France): .n22

DIN 1045 (Germany): .n23

IS 456 (India): .n24

Follow the steps indicated below:

1. Copy the following files from Windows Explorer:

a. \usr\cype\alveopla.nxx\reference (reference: folder with the manufacturer’s reference name)

b. \usr\cype\alveopla.nxx\reference.fbr (file with manufacturer’s reference name)

Important: The reference is not the name that is visible within the program. It is the text that was introduced in the Reference field (although this may be the same for both, of course) and once the manufacturer has been created, it can not be seen in the program. Therefore, if you cannot recall the reference assigned to the manufacturer, you may deduce which one it is by elimination with respect to those installed by the program.

2. Assuming Eurocode 2 has been used and that the manufacturer reference is, for example, HCSlabs, then the following has to be copied:

a. \usr\cype\alveopla.n12\hcslabs (folder)

b. \usr\cype\alveopla.n12\hcslabs.fbr (file)

3. In the computer where it is to be copied, create a new manufacturer with the same reference name. To do so, launch CYPECAD, and click on Panel manager > Define panel > Hollow core slabs > Edit library > User and click on the ‘+’ button. Upon doing so, the program will ask for a Reference, which must be the same, and the rest of the data which may be different, such as the manufacturer name, etc.

4. Paste the folder and file in the second computer and with the same route as they originally had: \usr\cype\alveopla.nxx (nxx: extension corresponding to the concrete code). For this example, it would be \usr\cype\alveopla.n12.

5. In that folder, create a file named actualiz.act, using Windows notebook or duplicating any other file of that folder and changing its name (the contents of the file have no effect on the program; the file simply has to exist).


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