Waffle slabs. Measuring the base reinforcement

The base reinforcement (which, of course, is taken into account when reinforcing the floor slab) is not measured when it is defined as base reinforcement as such. It is supposedly reinforcement that is present at all points along the length of the ribs. Hence, the program does not measure the base reinforcement of the drop panels, waffle slabs, or flat slabs if the following option has not been selected: Job > General data > By position > Flat, waffle and joist floor slab reinforcement options > Detail base reinforcement in drawings. If this option is selected, the base reinforcement is measured. However the user must bear in mind that it is not a base reinforcement as such, it is reinforcement which has a minimum reinforcement equal to the selected base reinforcement, and therefore, at those points where reinforcement is not required, the program will not place it, in the case of top reinforcement. The base reinforcement will always be provided in the case of bottom reinforcement.

The user must recall that the election of the base reinforcement is important to obtain reasonable reinforcement results.

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