Frames. How to change the reference number of the frames

The program numbers the frames following this order: it begins numbering the horizontal frames at the bottom and works its way up. It then numbers the vertical frames from left to right. To alter the reference number of these frames, follow the following steps:

1. Click on Beams/Walls > Beam alignments > Generate alignments.

2. Click on Beams/Walls > Beam alignments > Change alignment nº.

3. The program waits for the user to assign alignment number 1 and displays in red the alignment which is currently number 1. Click on the alignment to be assigned number 1.

4. Having assigned the first alignment, the program displays number 2 according to the automatic numbering criteria. Now click on the one to be alignment number 2.

5. Once the alignment number assigning has concluded, click on the right mouse button. The Beam alignments will reappear. Click on Show alignments and click on the frames to check the alignment numbers.

This way, when the beam details are generated, the numbers will appear the way the user has selected. This option should be carried out before the analysis. If it is done afterwards, the new alignment numbers will not correspond to their respective beam alignments.

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