Reinforced concrete walls. How to define different soil elevations (lateral pressures) for the same wall

Several types of lateral pressures have to be defined in the library and then assigned conveniently from the drop down menu in the Wall soil pressures dialogue box.

  1. Two different walls are to be defined, as each wall will have a different soil infill level.
  2. Two types of lateral pressures have to be defined within the Edition of soil pressures dialogue box: a default pressure, which may be named Pressure 1 and a second pressure which may be called Pressure 2.
  3. Click on Pressure 1 and assign it its infill elevation.
  4. Select Pressure 2 and repeat the process with the second elevation.
  5. Finally, in the Wall pressure edition dialogue box, assign Pressure 1 to the first wall, as well as defining whether the pressures act to the left or to the right.
  6. Assign Pressure 2 to the second wall.

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