Import of IFC files generated by CAD/BIM programs. What do the colours represent of the different elements that appear in the 3D views of some sections of the Automatic Introduction IFC assistant?

Below the element list of the Columns, Floor slabs and External wall loads sections of the Automatic introduction IFC assistant, a 3D view of the structure is displayed with all the entities that CYPECAD reads from the IFC file.


  • In the Columns section, all the column type elements can be activated (IFCCOLUMN entity)
  • In the Floor slabs and Roofs sections, floor slab and roof elements (IFCSLAB and IFCROOF entities)
  • In the External wall loads, external walls and partitions (IFCWALL and IFCWALLSTANDARCASE entities).

THE ELEMENTS OF THE 3D VIEW ARE DISLAYED IN DIFFERENT COLOURS. The colours highlight the selected element of the list with respect to the rest of the elements of the current section which are displayed as activated, indicating they can be imported, not activated and those belonging to the other sections.

· Element selected in the list of the current section:

  • Intense red and opaque: If the element has been marked by CYPECAD to be imported.
  • Light red and transparent: If it has not been marked to be imported.

· Elements not selected in the list of the current section:

  • Orange and opaque: If they have been marked to be imported.
  • Light grey and transparent: If they have not been marked to be imported.

· Elements of other sections of the assistant:

  • Light grey and transparent: If they have been activated to be imported.
  • Are not drawn: If they are not activated to be imported.

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