CYPECAD Installation instructions
I can’t install CYPE programs on my computer. When I try, the operating system emits a message indicating the application can’t start. What can I do?
When the program installation begins, the program requests I close the “” application. How can I close it?
Problems with antivirus. The following type of error appears after having installed or executed CYPE programs: "Expression: res != 0 -- File: ____.c (____.DLL) .........."
How to install another CYPE program version but still keep the current version operative
How to create a virtual drive (Windows NT, 2000 and XP)
How to create a virtual drive (Windows 7)
When I execute CYPE’s program setup, the computer becomes unresponsive before the process begins and I have to restart it
Will the installation process be faster if I deactivate my antivirus?
Is it just CYPE programs whose installation initiation is delayed if my antivirus is active?
Unattended remote installation. Is it possible to install the professional CYPE program version on several computers from a network server without having to answer the questions asked by the installation from each post?
Uninstalling. How can I completely uninstall CYPE program versions dating from the 2002 version or higher version?
Uninstalling. I'm going to install a new CYPE program version. Do I have to uninstall the previous version? (for CYPE program version 2002 or higher)

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