The following type of error appears after having installed or executed CYPE programs: "Expression: res != 0 -- File: ____.c (____.DLL) .........."

When errors of the following type appear (the file names shown in this example may be different to what appears on the user's screen), it is because the indicated file has not been installed or has been deleted after it has been installed:

Expression: res != 0
File: cypeio.c (CYPEIO.DLL)
Line: 95
Install CYPE____.exe

If nobody has deleted the file (willingly or accidently), the antivirus installed on the computer may have blocked or deleted it. This is because the antivirus may associate part of CYPE program codes as a virus. This is a false positive result of the antivirus program since CYPE program files that have been downloaded from the Download area of the CYPE website, or from an original USB, do not contain any viruses.

To avoid this type of problems, antivirus programs include a series of configuration options to exclude directories or files, indicated by users, from the virus analysis (exclusions). Even so, there may be some antivirus programs, which when updated, or at some other moment, delete or omit exclusions configured by users.

CYPE personnel have repeatedly contacted different antivirus program developers; sometimes with successful results and other times with not so satisfactory results. On the other hand, updates of our programs and updates of the antivirus programs also cause conditions to vary, causing new false positive virus detections.

Bearing all this in mind, below are the instructions on how to proceed if the aforementioned error appears upon executing any CYPE programs.

  • If you have AVAST antivirus installed on your computer (free or paid)
    We recommend it is uninstalled and another antivirus program be used. AVAST deletes exclusions configured by users (without requesting prior authorisation) and causes the false positive problems to return which do not allow for our software or other manufacturer software to be executed correctly.

  • If you have an antivirus that is not AVAST antivirus
    Follow these steps:

    1. Uninstall the antivirus
      Although it may seem drastic, if it is not uninstalled and simply deactivated, the antivirus may continue to operate in resident mode. Uninstall it and we shall reinstall it later.

    2. Install CYPE programs

      • If you use the Download Manager (recommended), simply execute it and follow the instructions that appear on screen.

      • If you download it directly from our webpage:
        • Download the installation file
        • Decompress it at the desired unit and directory (by simply executing the file)
        • Install it (following the instructions included in the chosen language folder from the folders that are generated after the file has been decompressed)

      • If you use an original CYPE program USB, execute the installation following the instructions provided on the USB cover and those included in the USB text files.

    3. Check CYPE programs work correctly
      Check that the error which appeared previously no longer appears, having uninstalled the antivirus and reinstalled the CYPE programs.

    4. Reinstall the antivirus program
      Reinstall the antivirus program and immediately continue to the next step.

    5. Generate the following directory exclusions (if you do not know how to do this, please contact the technical support department of your antivirus software provider):

      • C:\CYPE Ingenieros
        To establish this exclusion, bear in mind that if CYPE programs have not been installed on the C drive, then "C:\" must be changed to the corresponding drive letter.

      • If your operating system is Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10, also generate the following exclusion:

        • C:\Users\ -- Windows User name --\ AppData\Roaming\CYPE Ingenieros

          The AppData file could be hidden, in which case activate the option to view hidden files and folders.

      • If your operating system is Windows XP, also generate the following exclusion:

        • C:\Documents and Settings\ -- Windows User name --\ Application data\CYPE Ingenieros

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