How to install another CYPE program version but still keep the current version operative

Before installing another CYPE program version, bear in mind that any jobs which are opened using one version will not be able to be used with earlier program versions. We, therefore, highly recommend you read the following question: Can I edit a job using an earlier CYPE program version than the one with which the job was created or edited?

If you wish to install another CYPE program version and still keep the version which is currently installed on your computer operative, the new version must be installed on a different hard drive or on a virtual drive within the same hard drive.

Before installing the second version on another drive (physical or virtual), change the name of the desktop icon used to access CYPE. If you do not change it, when the other version is installed, the icon (shortcut) will be overwritten and you will not be able to access the current version, even though it is installed. The new name of the shortcut should refer to the version it accesses, so you can tell it apart from the new icon which will appear upon installing the second version.

Having done so, install the second version on a different physical hard drive to the one in which the first version is installed or on a virtual drive. If you do not know how to create a virtual drive, please consult the question: How to create a virtual drive.

Once the second version has been installed, change the name of the new CYPE icon which has been created on the windows desktop. This way, the two shortcuts to the two CYPE program versions are clearly identified.

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