Metal 3D CYPE 3D
Analysis and design
How to design cables
How to design the ties bars of a braced frame
The program will not design a baseplate
Reactions for the design of special foundations
Design stiffeners
Why does CYPE 3D not design a joint?
Ungroup bars
Identify a bar number, from a report, on screen
Haunch construction
Deactivate lateral buckling
Section disposition
Variable section bars
Comparison of results with CYPECAD and CYPE 3D
Why do CYPECAD and CYPE 3D provide different results for a single spanning concrete frame?
Data introduction
Bridge cranes
Introduce thermal loads
Introduce haunches
Why are the purlins defined in the Portal Frame Generator not generated in the CYPE 3D model?
Import DXF or DWG so the structure can be generated automatically
Define cantilever or overhanging nodes
Modify frames without affecting the remaining parallel frames
How to ungroup frames
An imported DXF is not visible on screen
How to introduce surface loads in CYPE 3D and Integrated 3D structures of CYPECAD
Concept of deflection
Deflection in a cantilever beam
How to limit the deflection of a group of bars
I have limited the deflection of a cantilever beam, but the program does not design it correctly
After limiting the relative deflection of a bar and analysing the job, the program emits a warning indicating there is a deflection error, whilst if I do a hand calculation, the deflection is ok.
Section checks
Slenderness problems
Unexpected result upon checking a bar
The bottom chord of the truss displays a slenderness error
The bar cannot be checked

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