Can I edit a job using an earlier CYPE program version than the one with which the job was created or edited?

No, jobs cannot be opened with an earlier program version than the one which has been used to create it or open it. Nonetheless, when the user opens a job that was created with an earlier version, the program detects this and asks whether a safety copy of the job for the original version is to be saved, so the user can reopen it with the earlier version. This way the user can edit and work on the job with the more recent version, but still have a copy of the original job.

CYPE program versions are identified as having two numbers separated by a point or a single number e.g. 2003.1, 2003.2, 2008.1 or 2011. Additionally, each version has several version revisions or patches, which are displayed as letters attached to the end of the program version name. These version patches imply there has been a correction within the program or new features have been implemented. Examples include: 2003.2.b, 2008.1.c or 2011.k.

Generally speaking, a version revision or patch does not imply a change in the program version; hence a job that has been created or edited with a more recent version can be opened using an earlier version revision of the same version.

Exceptionally, it is possible for a version revision of a specific version to change the internal working of the programs substantially, and so, it will not be possible for jobs which have been opened or edited with this new version revision to then be opened with an earlier version revision of the same version.

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