Can CYPE screenshots be published on Internet?

Yes. As of the 2010.g version, any screenshot of CYPE programs can be captured and shared on Internet via a private link, which the user can provide or publish wherever (s)he wishes. Only those who know the link will have access to the captured screenshot.

The screenshot capture is activated by selecting the F12 key of the keyboard whilst the active window on your desktop is a CYPE program window. Having done so, a dialogue box will appear displaying the captured screenshot and with two fields in which a title and comment can be included. Within this dialogue box, it is also possible to select part of the captured screenshot for it to be published. To do so, simply click using the left mouse button on the two opposite vertices of the rectangle containing the desired area.

Once the dialogue box has been accepted, the program offers the user, in another window, two types of URL addresses so the user can insert the screenshots in any forum. The address to be used will depend on the forum in which the URL is to be published. The link, which allows access to the published screenshot from any web browser, is also displayed in the same window.

Within the usr\cype\cypecad directory, the links.txt file is generated, which contains the links of all the screenshots that have been published. This file also contains the links of the jobs that have been published using the Share option (File > File manager) described in another of our FAQs: Can CYPE jobs be published on Internet?

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