How can I make safety copies of jobs which have been created with CYPE programs with version 2002 or greater?

Compress the jobs and save them in a safe place so you can have safety copies.

Bear in mind that jobs can be saved in any directory or unit within the system, and not only in the default directory: CYPE Ingenieros\ Projects.

To compress a job, use the “File manager”. This option is usually located in the “File” menu of each program and displays the window in which the jobs are selected. Within this dialogue box, mark (with a single click) the job which is to be compressed. Having done so, click on “Send”, which is located in the top part of the “File manager” dialogue box. The “Sending options” window will appear where the job can either be sent by e-mail or compressed. If you also wish to copy the analysis results, select the “Include associated files” option. Then, click on “Only compress job” and press “Accept”. The compression process of the job will then begin and will generate a file. The program will inform you of its name and the directory in which it is located. It consists of a file with the name of the job and “cyp” extension, and is located in the directory in which the job was created. The compressed job can be saved to a different directory and this can be chosen in the “Sending options” dialogue box.

The file that is obtained in the compression process should be saved in a safe place where it can be recovered when required.

Please consult the FAQ (General questions): How can I decompress a job which has been compressed with CYPE programs with version 2002 or greater?

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