License key detection. Campus version: Connection to the remote server. After accessing one of my Campus version programs, an error message appears telling me it cannot connect to the remote server. How can I solve this problem?

The Campus version requires a permanent broadband connection for it to work. This CYPE program version has been designed especially for working in public networks which operate under the premise of Eduroam (more information can be found in the Campus Version site). One of these premises is the guarantee that port  995 is always open, which allows for CYPE programs to connect at any moment with a remote server to validate the user.

Port  995 is usually used to receive e-mail, so it is possible for some antivirus programs to block CYPE program data which is sent via this port, when they detect that the data does not contain the usual e-mail coding.

If you are using the Campus Version and you are informed by CYPE that it has not been possible to connect to the remote server, first of all check that your internet connection works correctly. If, after verifying the internet connection, the problem persists, it may be possible that your antivirus is blocking the communication between CYPE and the remote server. To solve this problem, deactivate the outgoing mail analysis of the antivirus. Having done so, try executing the Campus version again.

If deactivating the outgoing mail analysis has solved the problem, remember to reactivate it having concluded your CYPE program session.

If the problem persists, please contact CYPE's technical support service.

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