License key installation. I can't copy the "clv" file to the root directory of the "C:" drive

If you have a Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system, you will not be able to copy any files to the root directory of the "C:" drive using the Copy and Paste commands or the Save as option. To copy the "clv" file which contains your license key codes in the root directory of the "C:" drive, you must drag it, using the left mouse button, from the e-mail you have received (or from wherever you may have saved it) to the "C:" drive (the "C:" drive can be accessed using My Computer or Windows Explorer).

Bear in mind that to be able to carry out these operations, you must have administrator privileges at the computer at which the usb key has been placed. Otherwise, the key codes have to be installed manually. To do so, follow the installation instructions included in the CYPE program USB (or the directory in which the 'complete version' installation file, downloaded from our website, has been decompressed) contained in the desired language folder.

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